these are some of my dj sets, radio shows and recording sessions I have been doing all over the years… I hope you enjoy them!

matinée @ casa das artes bissaya barreto – Listen

space&time – my beautiful journey in bangkok – Listen

loungin’ – sit back & relax – Listen

circa 23min – somewhere, in the desert . listen.

mirror music – sea, sand, sorrow. listen

a little bit of heaven – edinburgh’s finest . listen

where it’s at – can’t seem to find it now… listen

xxx – the x’s mark the spot . listen

red, gold & green – what a ride that was, with my most beautiful and dearest partners in crime, dubplate pearl & mr swing easy. red, gold & green… listen

love is blind – no comment. listen

mixtakes – proposed music and visual arts interventions. awesome times with ‘lost caravan’ crew. listen.

addendum – dub life in lisbon. listen.

three items only – vintage grooves. listen.

my secret garden – is… listen.

six o’clock news – mind, heart, soul and pain, memories vanish in my joyful life, once again… listen.

one find day – you’ll find love around the corner! listen.

boiling room – what would be our mixes without a warm room, full of friends, laughter and joy? london forever… listen.